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Humanity has no borders.

At Golestan-Parast Productions, we believe that society has the power to transform its social, environmental, and economic practices just by working together. It is our passion to document members of society who have already begun work on some incredible changes to the way we live and relate to both our fellow man and mother nature. Most of the time, these people don’t even realize they are transforming the world in which they live. Golestan-Parast works with a non-profit, From The Heart Productions, to achieve the goal of spreading the word and philosophies of these remarkable and, often, tremendously humble individuals. Many of our documentaries focus on immigrants coming to America, a country which was founded on great change, and a country which continues to be a social, environmental, and economic nursery for humanity.


Our Leadership

Jahangir Golestan-Parast was born in Esfahan in 1953 and raised in a family of restaurateurs. Leaving Iran at age 17, he studied and worked in London and Paris before finally settling in southern California’s Orange County.

An international financier and UCLA film student, “Bam 6.6 Humanity Has No Borders” in 2008. “Bam 6.6″ screened around the country, at Universities such as UCLA, MIT, and Stanford; at churches, Temples and mosques; at the Washington National Cathedral in the presence of former US Chargé d’Affaires to Iran, Bruce Laingen and Ambassador John W. Limbert, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Iran at the United States Naval Academy in 2009, both of whom were held hostage for fourteen months during the Iran hostage crisis in 1979.

“I was stunned to see a man promoting such a positive outlook Iranian culture and heritage. There are so many Iranians who have fallen in love with new places to call home. Jahangir has documented such a variety of Iranians, from those creating shelters for the poor in urban landscapes, to men and women building great oases of cultural diversity in the great outdoors. His latest project has been to document the transcendence of political tension with which athletics has over governments and religions. What’s more is that Jahangir completes these awe-inspiring films on shoe-string budgets. He pours as much of his own money into these projects as he possibly can, despite having to feed and house a family of his own with limited financial means. But, to Jahangir, Iran is family and, so, he relishes his own cultural outreach! I am so inspired by this man. He expects nothing in return, but hopes the world can see Iran as he sees it – beautiful. I encourage my fellow Iranians to take charge of their history and their identity and give back to our global society just as Jahangir has done on countless occasions. If none reward Jahangir, god will reward him. What goes around, comes around, and I wish the very best for Jahangir and his family. If I had known Jahangir’s parents, I would have given his father a big hug and handshake to congratulate him on such a great gift to our society! The least I can do is treat Jahangir and is lovely family to a meal. I hope those more fortunate than us can do a great deal more to support his cause.” – F. Siamakee



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