From Ashes To Eden tells the inspiring, true story of an Iranian-born American who strives to rehabilitate a five acre hillside in the heart of the United States’ largest city park. It was the early Seventies and a section of Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California had been forgotten, left to decay following a devastating forrest fire. Amir Dialameh tirelessly petitioned to bring life back to the arid slopes. Intertwining both his Iranian roots and a complete devotion to his newly adopted country, Amir helped push the boundaries of cultural bias to eventually unite an entire community. Amir’s incredible journey is told through the eyes of a young filmmaker inspired to be a better human himself. Jahangir Golestan interviews park staff, co-workers, family members, and fellow garden volunteers who are just beginning to understand the depth of wisdom and unity this humble nature-lover imparted on an ever diversifying world. Amir Dialameh passed away in 2003, but his garden lives on, providing peace and joy to countless Angelenos seeking a respite from the bustling city streets. We are all truly united by nature.

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