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This is the story of a young American Jewish girl and her fiance as they journey to the beautiful and historic city of Bam, in the heart of Iran.

Witness the love and compassion of Iranians towards these two American tourists as their journey takes a deadly turn. This film is not about devastation. It is about love and open hearts of Iranians. It is an opportunity to view the people of Iran in a way you will never see on the news. Experience through the yes of Americans this ancient people and civilization.


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“I was so touched by your film, Bam 6.6. Your documentary opened my heart, and my eyes, to the truth about the Iranian people. For decades, we’ve been manipulated by the media into thinking that Iran is so much less than what it is – and that we should fear, distrust (and yes, even hate) the citizens of what I now know to be a very fine and beautiful country.

When you return to Iran, please tell everyone how grateful I am for the hospitality they showed back in 2003. In warmly accepting and caring for Adele, a Jewish-American tourist, and her fiancé Tobb, they proved themselves to have all the best characteristics of human beings: tolerance, kindness, and compassion. How I wish people in this country to rise to the same level!

There are very few films I watch even twice; but this one? I watch it over and over again. It’s so very powerful. Thank you so much for making this film – it truly has changed my life.

How I wish I was not confined to this wheelchair, and could travel to Iran to meet the Iranian people, as I now know them to be some of the kindest people on the Earth today. As the West seems to be forever poised to attack Iran, I think your film should be seen by as many people as possible. How I wish I had the money to buy enough copies of Bam 6.6 to give one to every library in the United States. We need this film, as an antidote to the violent, hateful thinking which is so pervasive today.” 

–Carol Davis


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