Why does Amir inspire us?

Amir Dialameh has shown us that to truly love one another we need a unifying allegiance and, in fact, ever since humanity’s creation we’ve had one— Earth. Together, we need to take care of it. Amir taught multiculturalism and volunteerism in addition to being a true landmark in selflessness.

How can we change the world?

It is now our turn to take action, to volunteer, to unite ourselves under one cause, just as Amir had envisioned. We plan to screen this film at film festivals, universities, high schools, government agencies, and NGOs working with immigrants. Golestan-Parast Productions is working on a series of films called The Achievers, which spotlights various Iranian-Americans who have spent time andmoney giving back to American Society. At The Heart Of Amir’s Garden is the second of serval productions. More information on these other projects can be viewed at

What can you do to help?

Help us bring At The Heart Of Amir’s Garden to communities around the world by donating to our audience engagement campaign today. We have completed principle photography and our next step is to begin the months-long process of editing the footage, gathering archival images and preparing the film for broadcast and DVD release. We need to raise an additional $8,250 to cover these costs. We whole-heartedly invite you to join our cause.

For each amount donated you will receive:
$7,500 or more Exectutive Producer Credit
$5,000 or more Associate Producer Credit
$1,000 or more Donor Credit
$500 or more Thank You Credit
$100 or more Thank You Credit on our website
$50 or more* DVD signed by the Director
*All contributions of $50 or more will receive a DVD signed by the Director.

Where can you donate?

Donations can be mailed in the form of a check made out to From The Heart Productions, Inc. For additional information call (949)422-0249.

From The Heart Productions, Inc.
26270 Summerhill Ln.
Laguna Hill, CA 92653

When will At The Heart Of Amir’s Garden premier?

The film will be completed in Spring 2014 and will begin exhibition at film festivals.

Are we a Non-Profit Organization, can you receive tax deductions?

Golestan-Parast Productions is sponsored by Carol Dean and From The Heart Productions, Inc. which is a 501 C 3 not for profit organization operating under IRS. This charter supports films that are both unique in terms of content as well as contribute to society in a meaningful manner. At the Heart of Amir’s Garden meets these requirements. This means all contributions to the film are tax deductible.

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